What If White People Were Slaves? (Book One: 1810-1830)(e-Book)


Book One
Years:  1810-1830

Written by N. D. “Indy” Brennan
Foreword by Tiffany Treadwell

The author poses the unprecedented question:  “What if white people were slaves…?”

What if White People Were Slaves is a remarkable surrogate tale of American history reflecting how the country may have been if white people would have been the slaves at the founding of this country, and people of color the slave masters.

The story picks up in the year 1815.  Yuri Okoyoke, the bi-racial daughter of a cotton industry magnate of Uribe descent, grew up on a wealthy and privileged plantation.  Her life was one that children of other townspeople admired…until that fateful day, she came face-to-face with a familiar caulker slave and his unnatural carnal tendencies.

History is turned into one that most Americans would not dare to consider.  But here, the author invite you to imagine life as we know it and history as we have been taught but suddenly in reverse.



Imagine an American history that featured white people as slaves and people of color as the majority of slave owners.  Imagine a world where the Willie Lynch Theory regarded the destruction of the European family instead of the African or a time when Jim Crow laws targeted white people instead of black Americans.

The Psychological Question:  Will we ever truly understand or appreciate another person’s lived experience unless or until we are able to walk in the other person’s shoes?

What If White People Were Slaves is a novel written by N. D. “Indy” Brennan that takes America’s history and turns it inside out.  It’s a book that describes American history where white people are the slaves and people of color the slave masters.  It’s a psychological experiment that challenges the senses by enriching or depreciating human values based simply on the color of their skin.

If you are ready to test your sense of belonging and human sensitivity, prepare to be transferred to a place within your mind where the roles of the races are inverted.  The story replaces our social norms and American history with a world that is guaranteed to shock the system and test the limits of your imagination.

Imagine life as we know it…history as we’ve been taught…but suddenly in reverse…

1 review for What If White People Were Slaves? (Book One: 1810-1830)(e-Book)

  1. J. Edwards Holt

    “Art isn’t art unless it makes people think. ‘What if White People Were Slaves’ does just that! It is a well written book that explores an alternate past in which people of color are slave owners and keep ‘caulkers’, or white people, as their slaves. This book is probably going to offend some, but to be offended would be to miss this book’s true purpose — which I feel is to not only educate and inform but to help us learn from the mistakes of our past so that we can work together to build a brighter, more united future.” J. Edwards Holt

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